How to Port to Butler County

Step One: Put in a thirty day notice with your current landlord, and give a copy of this notice to your current Section 8 worker as well.

Step Two: Complete the Port-Out Request Form, which you will get at your Section 8 office. Here is the information you need:

Butler County Section 8
4110 Hamilton-Middletown Rd
Hamilton, OH 45011
Fax# 513-737-8522, Phone # 513-868-5201

Step Three: Once your Section 8 agency has sent your file to Butler County, you need to call/email our agency to schedule a Port-In appointment.

Step Four: When you attend the Port-In appointment, you will sign a number of forms and provide verifications. (Imagine you are re-applying for the program, and bring everything.) At the end of the appointment, you will be given a Butler County Voucher and Butler County RTA packet, which you will take to the landlord in our territory from whom you wish to rent.

Step Five: After all necessary paperwork has been received, your file goes to calculations to see if you can afford the unit, according to the rules and regulations for the program.

Step Six: If affordable by Section 8 rules, an inspection is scheduled. If it is not affordable, the landlord will be asked to lower the rent. If he/she agrees, then we can schedule the inspection. If the landlord refuses to lower the rent, you must either locate a cheaper unit and provide an RTA packet for that new unit, or request to return your file to your old housing authority.

Step Seven: When the unit passes inspection, a letter will be sent to the tenant and the potential landlord stating what Housing Coordinator to call (and their phone number) to schedule a contract signing. The landlord and anyone age 18 and older in your household must attend this appointment.